Revolutionizing Communication for Trades

Tradespeople face unique telephony challenges while working from temporary sites instead of fixed offices. Unfortunately, traditional phone companies fall short in addressing these issues.

Nearly everyone carries a mobile phone nowadays, but not all customers prefer calling them. Additionally, there are instances when you find yourself in an area with poor signal, or it’s simply unsafe or inconvenient to answer calls.

How many potential customers have you lost because you couldn’t jot down their details while halfway up a ladder? And how many times have customers failed to leave a message? These missed opportunities could be costing you. But fear not, because 3CX has developed cutting-edge solutions to tackle all these problems and more.

Whether you’re an electrician, plumber, heating engineer, carpenter, plasterer, or any other trade, our systems and tools are designed to meet your specific needs. And the best part? They come at a highly affordable price.

Try Before You Buy

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Your Office Anywhere!

Upgrade from using your personal mobile number to a dedicated landline on your van, website, and materials. With VoIP, you choose the area code, projecting a professional image that goes beyond a ‘one-person operation’.

No extra equipment needed – calls seamlessly forwarded to your mobile or our app!

Case Studies - VOIP Telephony

Key Features

Swiftly guide clients to the right services using touch-tone or voice commands, freeing up tradespeople’s time. With 24/7 availability, digital receptionists ensure clients get help when needed, boosting satisfaction. It’s not just efficient resource management; it’s about projecting professionalism and fostering strong client relationships.

In the trades, call recording is a vital tool. It documents interactions for efficient project tracking, dispute resolution, and training. This transparency cultivates trust, accountability, and improved communication, ultimately elevating client relationships and industry standards.

Fax to email service modernizes communication for everyone. Faxes are received digitally, eliminating paper and hardware costs. Documents are conveniently stored and easily shared, improving efficiency. It ensures easy access to critical information and enables quicker responses, enhancing client interactions and project coordination while reducing environmental impact.
Utilizing SMS from your office number offers numerous advantages for tradespeople. It maintains a professional image, as clients recognize your office number. Quick project updates, appointment confirmations, and follow-ups become effortless, enhancing client communication. Plus, it keeps work-related messages separate from personal texts, ensuring efficient organization and a streamlined workflow.

Phone Numbers / Trunking

Choice of Trunk: Use Your Trunking Provider or Ours

Hassle-Free Number Porting: On Your Schedule

Canadian and US Data Centers for Redundancy

No Contracts or Commitments Required

No Extra Fees for Call Forwarding

Flexible Pricing: Choose Pay-Per-Use or Flat-Rate Models

Customized Billing

We are prepared to collaborate closely with your team or work alongside your preferred invoicing software to create a tailored solution. Our goal is to ensure that your invoicing process is as seamless and efficient as possible.

With this approach, you’ll have the convenience of accessing detailed invoices that provide a comprehensive breakdown of all relevant charges. Additionally, we’ll make sure that summarized bills are readily accessible, providing you with a quick and clear overview of your expenses.

E.g. A monthly spreadsheet with: Date, Service Address, Invoice Number, Tax Rates and Totals.




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