Education Telephony

Schools need an affordable, modern phone system designed for educational institutions, 3CX is the perfect choice. This hybrid VoIP system is already used by many schools, colleges, and universities in Canada, providing a complete unified communications solution with advanced features. 3CX is a cost-effective and flexible solution that eliminates the expenses and management issues of old phone systems or hosted solutions. Upgrade your school’s communication to a 3CX Phone System with Ultimac and say goodbye to complex installations, high phone bills, and outdated equipment.

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Budget For Success

In today’s Education Sector, where budget constraints are a major concern, 3CX offers a significant opportunity to reduce your school’s expenses. Unlike the per-user/seat charges often imposed by other providers, Ultimac’s commercial model is based on the number of simultaneous calls, potentially saving schools from overpaying. This is particularly beneficial for larger educational institutions like universities or multi-building colleges, where numerous phones are distributed across campus but may not be in constant use. Making the switch to 3CX can translate into substantial savings on line rental and call charges.

3CX is a versatile, software-based VoIP phone system compatible with various IP desk phones, softphones, and mobile devices. Transitioning to VoIP means that your calls are routed over your internet connection, eliminating the need for costly and outdated legacy telephone lines.

This solution offers all the features and capabilities of on-premises phone systems and more, without the hefty hardware costs. VoIP phone systems like 3CX enhance functionality and streamline features such as call recording, emergency broadcasting, conferencing, and much more. You have the flexibility to choose where to install your PBX and which IP phones to use, granting you full control over your communication setup.

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Key Features

  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Flexible Licensing Based on Concurrent Calls, Easily Adjustable
  • Your Choice of IP Phone and Trunking Providers
  • Hosting Options: We Host or You Host, with Ongoing Support
  • Support for Public Address Systems
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Convenient Remote Access via Web and Mobile Apps
  • Inclusive Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Features like Call Recording, Caller ID, and Transcription Services Included (optional)
  • Digital Receptionist and IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Advanced Call Routing and Automation with Call Flow Designer
  • Integration with M365 and Teams for Seamless Collaboration

Phone Numbers / Trunking

Choice of Trunking: Use Your Trunking or Ours

Hassle-Free Number Porting: On Your Schedule

Canadian and US Data Centers for Redundancy

No Contracts or Commitments Required

No Extra Fees for Call Forwarding

Flexible Pricing: Choose Pay-Per-Use or Flat-Rate Models

Customized Billing

We are prepared to collaborate closely with your team or work alongside your preferred invoicing software to create a tailored solution. Our goal is to ensure that your invoicing process is as seamless and efficient as possible.

With this approach, you’ll have the convenience of accessing detailed invoices that provide a comprehensive breakdown of all relevant charges. Additionally, we’ll make sure that summarized bills are readily accessible, providing you with a quick and clear overview of your expenses.

E.g. A monthly spreadsheet with: Date, Service Address, Invoice Number, Tax Rates and Totals.




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