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Trust in a team of experts at Ultimac. We deploy only required services and commit to preventative maintenance to ensure a 99.999% up-time. You will experience transparent pricing to save more, modern solutions to alleviate your office’s workload, and multi-channel support allowing every technical aspect of your business to get prompt support no matter the cause.

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Ultimac is an 3CX Gold Partner and our staff are 3CX Advanced Certified, so you can rest assured that your phone systems stay online. We source, deploy and maintain based on your business’ needs. No two quotes are the same, and no brand is favoured.

  • Pay per call concurrency, not extension
  • Your office phone anywhere
  • Local support, never outsourced

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Our Certified Technicians are ready to take care of any network issue. As one of few MSPs with wholesale pricing, we are able to negotiate hardware and infrastructure lower than competitors and deploy it. All from the same itemized quote.

  • Implementations: Devices, Ethernet, Wireless
  • Operations: Monitor, Optimization, Prevention
  • Security: Concepts, Mitigation, Training
  • Troubleshooting: Infrastructure, Connection, Software


Locally certified, our liscensed installers do more than secure cameras to walls. We ensure correct field of view, access control and liabilities are all in place for every site.

  • CCTV: Cameras, Remote Access, Monitoring
  • Alarm: Access Control, Backup/Fail-over
  • Compliance: Security Services Act, PIPA, FOIPPA, etc


Get the most out of IT spending. By leveraging buying power across all our managed clients, we are able to procure a global rate across vendors in order to keep your expenses minimal.

  • Restricted reseller authorizations e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Sonos
  • Volume and wholesale discounts
  • Leasing available

Which MSP Support Model is Right for You?

At Ultimac, we are an experienced Managed Service Provider dedicated to helping businesses choose the right IT Solution. We provide cost comparisons and expert guidance to ensure you make an informed decision. Trust us to analyze your needs and budget, helping you find the optimal support model for your organization.

Choosing the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) support model is crucial for businesses seeking reliable IT services. Pricing models play a significant role in determining the profitability and attractiveness of an MSP. Here, we will explore different MSP support models to help you decide which one is best suited for your organization’s needs. All of which are offered at Ultimac.

  1. Tiered Model:
  2. (most popular)
    The tiered model is a popular choice among MSPs. It allows for flexible service packages with increasing levels of comprehensiveness and support as you move up the tiers. Each tier, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum, offers different services at varying prices. This model enables organizations to select a package that aligns with their specific needs and budget. Pricing based per ticket or issue with clear response times recorded.

  3. Per-Device Model:
  4. The per-device model is straightforward, with MSPs charging a flat fee for each type of device covered by the contract. For instance, there could be a specific fee per laptop, printer, or server. This model is easy to understand and allows for increasing the monthly fee as you add more devices. However, this can rapidly add up depending on the type of industry.

  5. Per-User Model:
  6. Similar to the per-device model, the per-user model charges a flat fee per user, regardless of the number of devices used. This model covers all IT needs for each user, making it attractive for companies with numerous devices. Although the cost may increase with more users, it eliminates the need to consider the number of devices maintained by the MSP.

  7. Value-Based Model:
  8. The value-based model involves a comprehensive flat fee for all IT services, addressing both immediate issues and potential risks. This model essentially transforms the MSP into an outsourced IT department, catering to all aspects of your business. Organizations that prioritize strategic goals and want to allocate resources accordingly often opt for this model.

  9. Monitoring-Only Model:
  10. The monitoring-only model focuses on providing monitoring and alerting services for a portion of your IT infrastructure. It is cost-effective and suits companies with limited budgets. MSPs keep clients informed about any issues, which are then resolved by the client’s internal IT team. Additional assistance can be provided by the MSP for an extra fee.

  11. All-You-Can-Eat Model:
  12. The all-you-can-eat model provides comprehensive support, including remote and on-site assistance, for a flat monthly fee. It may also include lab or bench time and even 24/7 support. This model allows businesses to predict costs over a specific period and avoid billing fluctuations. Additional fees may be charged for services provided outside the agreed-upon time frame.

Choosing the right Managed Service Provider depends on your organization’s unique needs, budget, and preferences. Consider factors such as the number of devices, users, desired comprehensiveness, and your ability to predict costs over time. Evaluating these aspects will help you determine the MSP support model that aligns best with your organization’s IT requirements.

We are happy to evaluate your needs free-of-charge!

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