Choose Happy. Choose Ultimac.

Choose what’s right for you.

We exclusively offer phones with no-term commitments, and the best coverage in our local area.

Device inspections are also provided free of charge!

Bring your own Phone


  • Bring your own phone and join Koodo with no fixed-term contract!
  • Plans start from $30 a month
  • $50 connection fee applies when purchased in store
  • No Tab charge! You’ll only ever pay for your monthly plan charge
  • Koodo’s SIM cards offer Standard, Micro, and Nano sizes to give you the convenience of 3 different proportions all in 1 convenient card.
    Simply push out the large white card, the medium multi-colored card, or the small white card, and insert it into your phone.

Current Deal!

When Activating In-Store:

($50) No Activation Fee
($10) Free SIM Card

Just Two More Things

  • Don’t cancel your existing plan if you want to keep your number. It will cancel when we port it over for you!
  • Apple device? You might need your ID and Password ready to activate the phone.

Buying used?

We encourage it!

We don’t sell phones. By providing a free assessment to any locally sourced iPhone, we can leave both buyer and seller with peace of mind of a sound transaction.

No appointment necessary.

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Saturday, Sunday: closed